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Funeral Facilities


The Mosque provides a complete funeral service in line with the teaching of Islam. We relieve the deceased’s bereaved family of the burden of organising burials. We are very grateful to one of our elders, Alhaj Kabir Ahmed MBE JP DL, for his continuous support in releasing the dead bodies to have the burial in very short period of time, which is required by our religion. On behalf of the committee, I would like to thank him for his continuous support and tireless effort for our community and the Mosque.


Nikaah Services (Islamic Nikaah & Civil Marriage)


The Mosque has been providing Muslim couples with an appropriate location for their Nikaah (Islamic Marriage) and Civil Ceremonies in our Mosque. Both Islamic Marriage Certificate and the Civil Marriage Certificate are available upon completion. Please click here for more information


Youth Classes


We have held monthly Tafseer and Seerah Classes for our youth. Many young brothers and sisters attended these classes and gained true knowledge of the deen.


Darul Qirat Course


During the summer Holiday we organise a four week special Qur’an training course during every summer holidays. By completing this 6 year intensive Qirat course a learner qualifies as a ‘Qari’. Alhamdulillah, many students have completed the course over the years. This year this class is due to start from the 30th July 2017.


Iftar Facilities


During the month of Ramadan we provide Iftar food for those who attend our Mosque to break their fast together. This year we have hosted about 200 people daily for Iftar, and Alhamdulillah all the costs are covered by the generous donations of our community brothers and sisters.




All the major festivals of the Islamic Calendar are celebrated in our Mosque. Eid-e- Meeladun Nabi (Prophet’s (PBUH) Birthday), Lailatul Baraat (15th Night of Sha’ban), Lailatul Qadr, Lailatul Mi’raj and other Islamic days are observed with great honour, respect and importance. We organise talks, Zikr, visiting Muslim graveyard and food for everyone in these gatherings.



Masjid Services