Assalamu Alaikum everyone,

We have received this message from United Utilities today to be considerate in using water and not to waste.

Let’s see what Islam say about it and ponder if we are fulfilling our responsibility as Muslims.

Water plays a central role in Islam. “The word ‘water’ is mentioned more than 60 times in the Quran. Moreover, the Quran clearly condemns the wasting of water.

Regarding those who waste, Allah Ta’ala mentions in the Qur’an that they are the brothers of Shaitaan. In another verse Allah Ta’ala mentions that Allah Ta’ala does not like those who waste.

In one incident the Prophet Muhammad SallaAllahu Alaihi wa sallam saw one of his companions, Saad, performing the Wudu. As Saad was using a lot of water, the Prophet SallaAllahu Alaihi wa sallam asked him: “Why are you wasting water like this?” Saad is surprised and asks whether it is possible to waste water during wudu. To this the Prophet responds that one must never waste water, even on the banks of a flowing river.

The scholars are unanimously agreed that extravagance in using water is Haram (forbidden).

May Allah subhanahu wa ta’alaa enable us to practice upon what we learn. Ameen