Since there are a lot of things happening with regards to the spread of Coronavirus, we would like to follow some guidelines given by the NHS and by Muslim Scholars:

1️⃣   We would encourage our respected musallees to perform wudhu from home, although we have appointed cleaner to clean the taps regularly.

2️⃣   When you do come to the masjid, try to avoid touching any handles with naked hands.

3️⃣   You may choose to avoid shaking hands and hugging, and suffice with the verbal greeting of Salaam.

4️⃣   Please Avoid sneezing and coughing in front of others. If overcome by it, use tissue and bin it, or use your sleeves (not your hands) to cover the mouth and nose.

5️⃣   Please Avoid crowding and grouping after salah. Either keep busy in ibadat or return home immediately after Sunnah and azkaar.

6️⃣  You can sit in the masjid for as long as you like, and read Quran Shareef, pray nawaafil, make lots of duas for everyone, and engage in dhikr. InshaAllah, Allah will accept.

7️⃣   If you have any viral symptoms, (eg. cough, cold, and high temperature, breathing problems, unusual weakness), it will be strongly advisable for you to stay at home until you get better. You will continue to get full sawaab of your regular jamaat schedule. 

8️⃣   Read the advice on hygiene literature displayed at prominent points in the masjid.

9️⃣   Those who are unwell (especially the elderly with underlying medical conditions) should pray Zuhr at home – 4 rak’ats Fard along with all Sunnah and Nafl – in place of Jumuah. When they get better, they can start attending the Masjid again.

10. Please recite the Masnoon Du’as and verses of protection and use Sunnah medicines (Honey, Black Seed, Zamzam, Ajwa etc). May Allah keep us all safe and well. Ameen.

Please forward this message to individuals who are known to you,  who regularly attend the masjid but who may not be on the list.

Shahjalal Masjid Manchester