Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic and government guidelines, it will not be possible to perform Eid Salah in the Mosques.

Eid Salah During Lockdown:
The Sunnah of Eid Prayer is for it to be in an open space where people are able to attend. Due to the current situation, Eid Salah is NOT Wajib and one would not be sinful for not performing it.
As an alternative, it is encouraged in the Hanafi Madhhab to perform 4 rak’ats (or 2 rakats) Nafl (Duha Prayer) at home. This is based on the hadith where Abdullah ibn Mas’ud (R.A) said: “Whoever has missed Eid prayer should pray 4 rakahs.” (Musannaf ibn Abi Shaybah#5800)

How to pray this Salah:

This prayer should be performed as normal Nafl prayer. It could be perform after 15/20 minutes of sunrise until 15/20 minutes before Dhuhr.

Other things to do on Eid:
Although gathering in the mosque isn’t possible, one should still perform the normal Sunnahs of Eid including: (i) having a bath (ii) using Miswak (iii) wearing your best clothes (iv) applying perfume (v) giving charity & gifts (vi) exchanging wishes etc.

Sadaqatul Fitr (Fitrah)
Sadaqatul Fitr is still Wajib to pay for oneself and one’s family members.

Takbeer of Eid:
Don’t forget to recite Takbeers on the day of Eid. Takbeer is, “Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar, Laa ilaaha illallahu wallahu akbar, Allahu akbar walillahil Hamd.”

May Allah accept our efforts in the month of Ramadan.