Assalamu Aalaikum

You will have noticed that the Government announced that places of worship can open from 15th June for individual worship.

For Masjids this announcement is of little useful value as the focus of the Masjid activity is the congregational prayers (Jamat). If we can’t do Jamat then there is little point in opening the Masjids.

Therefore, Shahjalal Mosque and Islamic Centre has decided that we will not open our Masjid on the 15th June.

It is anticipated that that the Government will allow places of worship to open for congregational prayers from first week in July with conditions and restrictions.

We are looking into the safety measures and requirements and we will, of course, let you know as soon as we are in a position to reopen our Masjid.

Please keep making du’a that Allah removes this calamity and allow us to return to Masjid without any fear and risks.