The Mosque has been providing Muslim couples with an appropriate location for their Nikaah (Islamic Marriage) and Civil Ceremonies in our Mosque. Both Islamic Marriage Certificate and the Civil Marriage Certificate are available upon completion.

We hold an ideal venue for your marriage events. We conduct both Islamic Nikah ceremony and Civil Ceremony at Shahjalal Mosque and Islamic Centre which is carried out by a qualified Imam.

A ‘Nikah’ or a marriage contract according to Islamic (Shariah) Law may be performed at the Mosque. The Nikah ceremony will be performed by any one of the appointed Imams (Muslim Ministers) of Shahjalal Mosque and Islamic Centre. The newly-married couple is provided with an official ‘Nikah’ certificate to show they have been married according to Islamic Law.

We need the following documents and information before Nikah:

• Valid Passports of the Bride and the Groom.
• Original Civil Marriage Certificate (extremely important).
• Proof of Residential Address.
• Conversion Certificate for new Muslims (Groom or Bride).
• Presence of two Muslim Male witnesses, with their ID’s.
• Presence of the Wakil (Guardian of the Bride)

• If the bride has previously been married, then an Islamic divorce or Absolute Decree document is required.

• Filled Application Form Download

For details on Hall Bookings inside the Shahjalal Mosque & Islamic Centre, please contact the office on 0161 613 2123 or alternately email at

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We hold Civil Ceremony at the Mosque. Please follow the procedure mentioned below.

  1. The couple wishing to marry must both contact their local Marriage Registrar office and set a date for an appointment to give notice of their marriage, which is also called “Intention of Marriage”.
  2. Once they have obtained a date for their appointment, they need to contact the mosque office to book a date for their marriage ceremonies, allowing a notice period of at least 28 calendar days commencing the appointment date. At the appointment they have to put the Mosque’s name as the venue of their ceremony.
  3. The couple will be asked to the Register Office after 28 days to collect “CERTIFICATE FOR MARRIAGE”, usually known as the blue forms, from the registrar office.
  4. The certificate, which is a legal document, must be brought to the Mosque and handed over to the office before the marriage ceremony.
  5. On the day of marriage, the Imam of the mosque who is an appointed Marriage Registrar will be present to conduct the ceremony. The Certificates of Marriage will be completed and presented to the applicable parties.


  • The mosque does not and will not participate in any culturally defected marriages or sacrilegious practices relating to the sanctity of marriage.
  • Couples wishing to get married must try their very best to ensure that they have fulfilled all Islamic requirements before, during and after the marriage. This will ensure that an Islamic marriage is valid. A marriage is a bond of love and faith where commitment and future must be considered wisely. Couples who have doubt or uncertainty should consult our scholars, Marriage Bureau advisers or family support service for some friendly and straightforward advice.

Useful Links:

Manchester Registrar office: 0161 234 5005
Stockport Registrar Office: 0161 217 6007